1 - 3 June The Art & Science of Mindfulness

The Art & Science of Mindfulness

1 - 3 June 2019

Attain Greater Clarity in Purpose,

Direction, and Action

Eventbrite - Koučinga iepazīšanās kurss

    Marilyn Atkinson, PCC, President & Founder


1 - 3 June 2019  (9:30 - 17:30) , registration 1 June from 8:45
Hotel Jurmala Spa 
Jomas street 47/49, Jurmala, Latvia 
Conference hall: Aspazija&Rainis 

The Art & Science of Mindfulness is Erickson’s newest innovative course, designed to address the stressful demands of modern life by integrating mindfulness into everyday interactions.

Research shows that highly successful people and top performing leaders use simple but highly effective mindfulness techniques to become more centered, gain a better emotional control, and make positive decisions in alignment with their bigger life vision.

The Art & Science of Mindfulness course is designed to help you leave behind unhelpful stories and discover peace around your emotional history. This course also allows you to detach from the ongoing stressful attempts at control, and discover a greater sense of playfulness and serenity.


By taking our innovative Mindfulness course you will be able to:

  • Practice Mindfulness Meditation
  • Improve focus, concentration, and attention to detail
  • Shift from reactive to reflective actions
  • Align your personal vision and values
  • Listen more actively and with less judgment to self and others
  • Enhance your interpersonal communication
  • Increase self-awareness and creativity
  • Detach from the ongoing stressful attempts at control
Dalības maksa:  700 EUR  (Erickson absolventiem 580 EUR)


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Eventbrite - Koučinga iepazīšanās kurss

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